Route: St. Andrews Wharf-to-Wharf Beach Run (NB, Canada)

Submitted by Kurt Gumushel on Sat, 05/01/2021 - 12:38pm
New Brunswick, CA
19 km
Vertical Gain
64 m

Experience all of the beauty of our historic seaside resort town by challenging yourself to this spectacular 19km beach/trail run. You absolutely must wear trail running shoes. Many rocks on the beach can be sharp and road running shoes are not adequate protection. Also, additional tread is needed for slippery sections on seaweed and mud. Start at the wharf and run 1.5 kilometres up the beach to Pottery Creek. Jump back onto the road until the 5km mark. The remainder of the 19km is on the beach, starting at the Bar to Minister's Island, continuing around Minister's Island in a clockwise direction (particularly in the winter when the wind can be fierce), returning on the Bar on the beach and around the peninsula back to the wharf. The distance will vary somewhat depending on the line you choose, a bit shorter if you go near the low tide mark but it is also muddier and soupier down at the low tide mark.



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