Route: Swift Rapids Road

Submitted by Chantal Demers on Sun, 09/25/2022 - 03:41pm
Ontario, CA
25.5 km
Vertical Gain
1,073 ft

**2 Variations: One-way & Out-and-Back**


The land surrounding the road is provincial Crown Land and can be used by the public for recreational purposes.

The utility road is a windy and rolling road which is closed to motorized vehicles. The road ends at Lock 43. Lock 43 is isolated with a sense of wilderness. This is the deepest single chambered lock on the Waterway. It has an impressive ground surrounded by lush natural vegetation and makes for a quiet stop for boaters, camping and picnicking. There are even bathrooms at the Lock. 

Lock 43 and the Dam was built in 1914. 

The FKT ends at the Flag Pole erected with a Canadian Flag 🇨🇦 . This also marks the turnaround spot for the out-and-back variation. 

More information on the lock can be found here:

Enjoy the stunning wetland scenery along the way. It is truly a magnificent and secluded run. You may even see some wildlife. 


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