Route: Terrace Mountain Trail (PA)

Pennsylvania, US
40 km
Vertical Gain
1,160 m

The Terrace Mountain Trail runs 25 miles from the south end of Lake Raystown (just outside of Saxton, Pennsylvania) to the north end, finishing above the man-made dam which created the lake. At times, the trail takes you right along the water, where I have seen Bald Eagles fishing, or you may find yourself high above the lake with a panoramic view of the serpentine shape of the water. This is an aesthetic line for a trail, traveling the length of the lake, and gives you a visible reminder of the distance you are covering. The trail itself is marked with blue blazes and has mile and half-mile marker posts.

Here is a link to the Army Corp Brochures for the trail, although they are somewhat inaccurate in distance and out-dated as some of the sights along the trail no longer exist. Directions to trailheads are accurate, so that's really helpful. The trail is just over 25 miles, not the 29 listed in these brochures. Mile posts end at 25 and the trailhead is within 1 or 2 tenths of that post.

GPS Track


Thank you, Lee, for the precise details of this route :) I’m hoping to go for the female unsupported on Saturday, August 29, or Monday the 31st.