Route: Tour de la Manche (France)

Submitted by stephaneruel on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 12:55pm
577 km
Vertical Gain
5,800 m

It is the entire tour of the french department of la Manche, in Normandy. The route is 577km long with 5800 meters of positive elevation.  This “Tour de la Manche(50)” is the route labeled by the French Cycling Tourism Federation "le Tour de la Manche Cyclotouriste" (label 102 of the FFCT offering cyclists can make this permanent hike, the certification of each performance is verified and validated by the SAEL of Bréhal. This tour goes around the department of Manche through the 6 sites of National Cycling Tourism Certificate or Patent of French Provinces (BCN - BPF) of the department of Manche (Auderville, Condé-sur-Viré, Mont-Saint-Michel , Mortain, Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, et Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue).

This route includes (starting from Mont Saint Michel):
Km 22.5: Saint James, where the famous sailor sweater is produced by Les Tricots Saint-James and where 4,410 soldiers killed during the 2nd World War rest in the American cemetery.
Km 42.5 : Saint Hilaire du Harcouet :

Km 90: Mortain, where the famous voice of the Tour de France cycling lives Mr. Daniel Mangeas (he commented on the Tour de France from 1976 to 2014) Km 140: Villedieu les Poêles, world famous for its bell foundry. This foundry supplied the new holy bells for the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris in 2013. Km 185: Saint-Lô, Manche’s prefecture, Martyr city of the Second World War, Saint-Lô was decorated with the Legion of Honor in 1948 and received the nickname "Capital of Ruins".

Km 220: Carentan, the capital of the marshes, gateway to the Cotentin peninsula and the Baie des Veys. The canal bridge lets boats pass over vehicles.
Km 240: Utah Beach, historic high place where on June 06, 1944 the allies landed
Km 270: Saint Vaast la Hougue listed as World Heritage of Humanity with its
Vauban fortification. Favorite french village in 2019.
Km 295: Gatteville lighthouse with its 365 steps, 52 windows
Km 310: Cherbourg with its harbor which is the second largest artificial harbor in the world
We will pass in front of the statue of Napoleon (on his horse Marengo) designating the military port with the right arm
Km 335: Port Racine, the smallest port in France
Km 340: Lighthouse of Goury, in front of the "raz Blanchard" which is one of the most tidal current
 in europe
Km 345: Nez de Jobourg (or Cap de la Hague) with its 128 meters, one of the highest cliffs
 from Europe
Km 360: Vauville, and its national ornithological natural reserve known for its pond separated from the ocean by a dune created 10,000 years ago.
Km 400: Barneville-Carteret, seaside resort opposite the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey)

Km 425: Saint Sauveur le Vicomte, with its 12th century castle at the foot of which rests the most famous Norman writer since 1889, Barbey d'Aurevilly.

Km 455: Coutances, with Notre Dame de Coutances’ Cathedral, 800 years of age, the sister of Notre Dame de Paris’ cathedral.

Km 465: The Pont de la Roque, bombed on June 15, 1944
Km 525: Granville, ancient corsair town. His great carnival is on the list of
intangible cultural heritage of humanity
Km 545: Avranches, where the relic of the skull of Saint Aubert rests, bishops of Avranches in the 8th century and presumed founder of the abbey of the Mont Saint Michel
KM 577: the Mont Saint Michel, registered with UNESCO (8th world’s wonder)