Route: Trails of Berezopolie / Тропы Березополья (Russia)


Submitted by Alexey Popov:

The route connects the centers of crafts and old estates in the vicinity of Bogorodsk and Vorsma with the area of karst lakes and pine forests in the valley of the river Serezha.
Distance 118.7 km
Total climb 1091 m

Key points of the route: Bogorodsk (railway station Kozhevennoe) - Podyablonnoe - Teterugino - Podvasie — Ushakovo — Pobedina - Ubezhickiy quarry — Kudrizki — Krutets — Toscany lake - Kluchik lake — Frolovskoe — Yakovskoe — Krasnoe — Bachicha — Bolshoe lake— Staraya Pustin — Pustin — Chernuha — railway station Serezha.

Important to know:
Limitations and features: The route is available throughout the year. In winter some roads may be snow-covered (area: Pobediha - Ubezhickiy – Budreski - Toscany lake, Kluchik lake — Krasnoe — Bachicha)

The terrain is flat, the height difference is not more than 10 m. on one slope. Vegetation is typical for the Central part of Russia. Fields and mixed forests in the Northern part of the route and pine forests in the southern part. There are both edible and poisonous mushrooms and berries.

Of the large animals on the route can meet elk, wild boar, deer, foxes and hares. There are snakes, ticks, blood-sucking midges.

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