Submitted by Peros_CRO on Mon, 01/01/2024 - 04:29pm
19.3 km
Vertical Gain
870 m

“Trans Perun” is the biggest challenge this rather small hill has to offer for a hiker. 20 kilometres long trail connecting Omiš and Podstrana only recently became available, and since its opening, it became one of the most popular trails on Perun. The trail can be done in any orientation and in any season

Western part of the massive (Perun) is named after a supreme Slavic god figure Perun, the god of thunder, and eastern part of the massive (Mošnica) got its name after Mokoš, Slavic goddess and the wife of Perun. There are many reminders of ancient Slavic culture spread across this massive.

The whole route is marked with standard Croatian hiking blazes (red and white circle). The first blaze and the start of the trail is located near Tommy supermarket, just north of the St. Anthony statue located on the main crossroads at the western entrance to Podstrana (show in image). We recommend that you park your vehicle in the parking lot located nearby.

If we divide trail into sections, the first section would be Strožanac - St. George’s church trail. This section is probably the most demanding, because of the 441 meters ascend. The rest of the 20 kilometre long trail is rather undemanding. Section two connects two St. George’s churches, after that, the trail leads over 471m high Pišćenica peak, then over Ostrog, 480 m high peak, to crossroads above Gornje Jesenice village. The trail then continues east towards St. Roko church in Ume. The trail then follows the fire road towards the St. Mary church in Tugare.

The next section of the trail is one between St. Mary church and the Lady of the snow church, located at 406 meters high peak Stomorica. Go through village Truša following tarmac road, then up the northern slope of the hill to Stomorice. This option has an advantage because you have the option to replenish your water supplies on a spring exiting Truša village.

After you reach Stomorica, trail will lead you northeast to Naklice, over a small torrent which can be rather demanding, if you pass over it after periods of heavy rains. The trail then continues to Omiš, your destination, following historic trail through Lisičina canyon. The end of the trail is at the crossroad of Lisičina and Mosorska cesta (show in image).

Trans Perun is not a circular trail, the easiest way to return to the start point, after completing the trail, is to use the public transport (bus line number 60.).