Route: Transgaumaise (France/Belgium)

Submitted by Bart Van Keymolen on Tue, 04/20/2021 - 12:51am
144 km
Vertical Gain
2,700 m

Whoever talks about the Walloon territory south of Sambre and Maas automatically thinks of the Ardennes. In the furthest southwest corner of Wallonia, however, there is another region, which is visibly different from the Ardennes: De Gaume. The 140 kilometer long circular walking route "Transgaumaise®" shows you the most beautiful of this remote part of Belgium.

This international path describes a large loop of which about 60 km runs on French soil and 80 on Belgian soil. It is a wonderful trip, full of variety and surprises. The path is well signposted and there is an excellent guide about it. Although it is a walking tour through a quiet, remote area, there are plenty of facilities along the way (shops, cafes, accommodation options).

The Transgaumaise® is truly a gourmet route, not only culinary, but the path sparkles with natural and cultural gems. A real discovery!

The official start of the route is in Rabais (Virton). I left the Florenville train station, so you can easily come by train.


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