Route: Travessia Boi Preto (Brazil)

Submitted by rafa_porto on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 04:43am
Minas Gerais, BR
81 km
Vertical Gain
3,970 m

The Travessia Boi Preto is a 50 mile (81 km) route created in the mountains of the State of Minas Gerais just 15 minutes driving from the capital Belo Horizonte. The original route was used by the slaves during the brazilian colonial time interconnecting trails, hand made paths made by slaves and roads between the villages of Moeda Velha and Casa Branca. 

The travessia Boi Preto route begins in the rural area of ​​Moeda Velha, passing in the village of Azevedo, and going of the Mountains of Serra da Moeda. There the runners cross on the crest the whole range and reach the place called Topo do Mundo. From there they have to get around the minery of Pau Branco and pass in the historical village of Piedade do Paraopeba. They will get again the Boi Preto trails and go up the mountains of Serra da Calçada with its XXVIII century ruins and slavery paths and see many small waterfalls. Than you will downhill to Ostra waterfall and get to the Mountain crest of Serra das Andorinhas to Reach the mountains of Serra do Rola-moça. Than you it cross the Serra do Cachorro mountains to get the trails to finally end in Casa Branca historical city. 

The 81 km route can be divided  has a total elevation gain of 3.970m, with a terrain mixed of pavement roads, dirt roads, slavery paths but most in single tracks. 

Manny animals can be seen in the way, like snakes, jaguars and manned wolves. 

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