Route: Triple Rainbow Loop (NV)

Submitted by Mike Toffey on Mon, 10/10/2022 - 07:34pm
Nevada, US
9.4 mi
Vertical Gain
3,700 ft

This fantastic loop hits all 3 Rainbow summits(Rainbow Peak, Rainbow Mtn, Rainbow Wall), flows very well, and includes over 2800 vertical feet of class 3-5.2 scrambling with the majority in the class 4-5 range. Starting at Oak Creek Canyon pull off/dirt parking lot, run down Oak Creek Canyon Trail, climb Rainbow Peak via Rainbow Direct 5.2band then traverse over Rainbow Mountain and Rainbow Wall on mostly 3rd class and 2 short pitches of 4th class. From Rainbow Wall descend Oak Creek Canyon with lots of class 3 and a little bit of 4th class downclimbing on dry waterfalls. Go climb this Triple Rainbow all the way across the sky!

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I'm curious about this route. What is the "summit" of Rainbow Mountain if it's not Rainbow Peak or Rainbow Wall? I would like to know if I go for this FKT what highpoint that is. I've always hit Rainbow Peak (East) and Rainbow Wall when up there, but am curious about this 3rd "summit." Thanks in advance for any information! 

Going up the trail you hit Rainbow Peak first after 3 miles, then you follow the rim down and up for a few hundred yards to hit Rainbow Mt summit, a bit further you turn right toward the wall.

Yeah it’s basically the competing highpoint with Rainbow Peak to the west. The first peak on the other side of the steep col to the west with the same elevation as Rainbow Peak on topo maps. I found it on List Of John, Peakbagger, and in Courtney Purcell’s “Southwest Desert Scrambles” book. 

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Ah-ha, that makes sense. I understand where it is now, you basically go over it by default as you traverse between Rainbow East and the Wall. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't left out of my effort. Not sure when I will have the time to go for this, but it's on my radar. Thank you for the explaination Mike Toffey and for the addition of this route, looks like a fun one!