Route: Trois-Ponts ExtraTrail Red Route (Belgium)

Submitted by Rik Goris on Mon, 02/14/2022 - 12:35pm
23 km
Vertical Gain
700 m

This is the Trois-Ponts red route of 23 km and 700 m accent/decent. There are currently now 11 similar routes listed in the ExtraTrail system, which are all referenced on

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ExtraTrail is a network of trails in the Ardennes in Eastern Wallonia, Belgium, specifically designed for trail and ultra run training. The routes are designed in circles from 7 villages (easy access by car or public transport) each having 4 routes of different length and elevation (green, blue, red and black). Due to the landscape all the trails have significant ascent/descent and very technical stretches, ideal for training. The loops are also interconnected to form a network with possibility to design longer circles or A to B routes. In fact, the 158 km UTDS is designed by combining all of the 7 villages using this network.

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The Trois-Ponds red trail (23 KM and 700 m D+) starts at the Carrefour Market car park in the town centre, right next to the Syndicat d’initiative. After the bridge spanning the Salm (river), turn right towards the SNCB station where a paved, then tarmacked, road increases the elevation quickly.

After a good kilometre, leave the road and get to the heart of the matter: a lovely single track on the hillside which takes you up a little higher. Turn right at KM 1.6 on to a stone road to reach a new path on the left, 100 metres further along at the corner of a single house.

At KM 2.1, the path takes you under the pilasters of the Tower of Leroux: a breath-taking view of Trois-Ponts and the nearby hills. This provides a little extra height and some breathing space.

A pleasant, quick forest path takes you to the village of Aisomont (tarmacked section) in the centre of which you need to turn left.

For a good kilometre and a half, your route overlaps with the black Stavelot trail (37 KM) which leaves your trail in the hollow of a valley, at a large white building. Here, there is a “natural” connection between the Trois-Ponts and Stavelot trails.

When descending towards this valley, look to your right and you’ll see the Wanne alpine ski slope (Val de Wanne) which, beyond its particularly popular terrace, offers a wide range of both summer and winter activities.

A little further along, you’ll get to Route de Wanne, which you should follow to Wanneranval halfway up. When you leave the hamlet, in the corner of the farm, turn left and join a country lane in the middle of the meadows.

After passing through the wood, you’ll reach the edge of the village of Hénumont which you bypass by turning right just before the first house. Take a long steady climb to KM 10.5.

On your right, a magnificent single track between a clearing and a field of conifers invites you to pick up the pace. The path crosses a road which slopes gently up to KM 12.3. A little further along, you’ll get to Barbecue de Wanne (Logbiermé) (picnic facilities available for hire) where you can take a break and enjoy the view sheltered from the sun or rain.

A little further along still, you’ll reach Daix du Diable, an enormous sandstone rock (see the legend) in the hills of Wanne. The small path bordering a large forested area adjoining the meadows allows you to take a short section of road which you leave immediately to head towards the village of Spineux.

In Spinaux and before turning right at KM 15, make sure you look at the former German cannons (relics from the Second World War) located in the middle of the gardens. Perfectly maintained by the inhabitants, they stand in between barbecues and vegetable gardens.

Follow a small hill which you will leave after 300 metres to take a country path which weaves through the forest. At the entrance to Aisomont, turn left to take a large zig-zag which plummets towards the N68 to the Bernard sawmill.

Continue along the Salm to the Beau Rivage campsite to arrive at the station and town centre.

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