Route: Truchas Peak (NM)

Submitted by peterwgilroy on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 09:48am
New Mexico, US
27.2 mi
Vertical Gain
6789 ft

An amazing route to the second highest point in New Mexico and arguably the most prominent and impressive peak in New Mexico. There is no short or easy way into the Truchas peaks. The Santa Barbara Trailhead is easily accessible and the trail going up the west fork is really nice and not too steep. The route starts with 11 miles on a nice trail to the saddle, then a steep climb up to a ridge and about 2-3 miles of really fun exposed ridge scrambling, summiting first North Truchas Peak, then Medio Truchas, and finally to the summit of Truchas Peak, elevation 13,100' (or South Truchas peak) followed by a steep descent to the Truchas lakes and then another 13 miles of good trail back to the car. For the FKT, be sure to take the Beaty Trail from Truchas Lakes back up to the saddle, not the more direct (steeper) side trail that cuts a mile or so off the route. Its a super fun marathon distance with some amazing ridgeline scrambling, beautiful singletrack, and awesome summits!

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