Route: The UK Big 4

Submitted by Ross Jenkin on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 12:18pm
United Kingdom
400 km
Vertical Gain
32,000 m

The Big 4 is a combination of arguably the hardest mountain challenge route from each of the UK nations.

England - The Bob Graham Round - 105km - 8600m height gain - 42 summits

Scotland - The Charlie Ramsay Round - 96km - 8200m height gain - 24 summits

Wales - The Paddy Buckley Round - 105km - 8400m height gain - 47 summits

Northern Ireland  - The Denis Rankin - 90km - 6000m height gain - 39 summits


Individually, the challenge is to complete one round within 24hrs and a few have done some incredibly quick rounds.  Also a couple of people have done the GB big 3 (no Northern Ireland) in different forms including Mike Hartley by driving in between and John Kelly, cycling in between.


The rules for the UK big 4 are as follows:

  1. There is no time limit on each individual round.
  2. Other than the time, each round must be completed according to its own rules.
  3. You have 7 days to complete including travel
  4. The total time of each round added together, within 7 days is the challenge.
  5. The 7 day total time limit is intended to provide a sufficient time for driving between the rounds without putting anyone at risk on the roads.

Therefore, if each round is completed in 25hrs over the course of 1 week, then the recorded time is 100hrs in 7 days.