Route: University Mountain (Missoula, MT)

Montana, US

This information comes from Jason Schlarb's blog. University Mountain is a test climb near the University of Montana in Missoula. It is close to Mt Sentinel.

University Mountain is 5,700ft in elevation and is located behind Mt. Sentinel and the "M”. University Mountain is the Furthest Peak on the Ridge Above the “M”. This FKT route starts at the intersection of the Kim Williams Nature Trail and Hellgate Canyon Trail just east Missoula along the Clark Fork River. From the intersection of the Hellgate Canyon Trail continue all the way to the ridge and a trail junction about 1,500ft and 2.5 miles up from the start. From the ridge junction take a left and follow the ridge as it climbs and descends all the way to University Mountain 3.7 miles from the start with a total net climb of 2,700ft. The “official” finish is to touch the base of the antenna at the top of the climb.

46.852149967541, -113.93538951874