Route: Upplandsleden, Knivsta - Långhäll (Sweden)

Submitted by Sten Orsvärn on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 05:21am
248 km
Vertical Gain
5,200 m

Upplandsleden is a 450km hiking trail in Sweden.  It consists of three main parts, all separated from eachother: The eastern, western and middle parts respectively. 

The Eastern part is approximately 250 km long. It starts in Uppsala or in Knivsta and ends up north in a place in the middle of nowhere called Långhäll. There is no road to Långhäll, only trails, one of them part of another major hiking trail - Gästrikeleden. 

This GPX describes the trail with a starting point in Knivsta. It covers stage 1:1, most of stage 1, stage 2-17, via stage 7:1 (a recommended small detour).

Starting in Uppsala would mean replacing stage 1:1 with 1:0 and then do the complete stage 1. This would likely add 3,5 km to the total distance. 

Note:  There are 2 alternate end points at the southwest end of this part of the Upplandsleden:  Knivsta and Uppsala.  The FKT route terminates at Knivsta, and is slightly (~ 2km) longer.