Route: Uxbridge-Lindsay Rail Trail (ON, Canada)

Submitted by JShep on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 10:03am
Ontario, CA
44 km

Beavers and waterfowl and muskrats, oh my!  This flat, former railway line starts in Uxbridge and passes through Blackwater (make sure to take a right at Blackwater Junction) to arrive in the heart of Lindsay.

While cyclists and snowmobilers share this route with runners and hikers, you are more likely to see dogs and other animals than people.  Quite a number of road crossings, but none of which provide amenities or services.  Pretty much a wetland and shady peaceful paradise for the full 44km.

The route is primarily crushed-gravel, with muddier sections depending on the season and level of beaver dam activity.

Overlaps with the Uxbridge & Beaver River Wetland Trails.