Route: Vålådalsfjällen Loop (Sweden)


Daniel Fagerlund submitted the route, which is a 105km loop through the Vålådalen Nature Reserve:

The route start and finishes at the parking lot by the trail head in Vallbo, Jämtland. The route goes trough the STF camping huts and Vålådalens mountain station. It follows the marked summer routes between these places. At least one building on each location has to be approached and touched (In Vålådalen it´s the main building) and preferably talk to the cabin hosts since they probably are interested in what you are doing and generally are nice people. The huts in order are: Anaris, Lunndörrstugan, Vålåstugorna, Gåsen, Stensdalen and Vålådalen.

The first effort known, as of 2018-07-12, had a small trail miss between Anaris and Lunndörrstugan which added roughly 1,5 km. The right route goes closer to the tree line.