Route: Valley of the Gods road, West to East

Submitted by anthonykunkel on Tue, 01/23/2024 - 08:51am
Utah, US
16.25 mi
Vertical Gain
906 ft

I was inspired by the idea of hammering across this road due to the rolling hills and obvious beauty of the area. On a busy afternoon in Monument Valley, just a few miles down the road you'll find peace in Valley of the Gods. 

At running speeds, the rock formations visably slide past each other, while the shape of the route almost requires you to appraise each formation from a few angles. The distance, time range, ease of crewing/logistics (picked up at the end and no one has to drive a dirt road if unsupported), and how much you get to see with a reasonably long run all make this stand out. For locals, it's a great test of fitness for Black Canyon or Boston, since it's net down and stays clear through the vast majority of winters when finding clear trail can be tough. For anyone from out of town, it might just save you from Monument Valley and enable you to experience a Lot for your effort, while not excluding your travelling partners entirely, since they can drive it. 

This seems like the correct direction to do this point-to-point due to the location of crazy formations (being more dense near the end, it feels like coming in from the wide open desert into something special), the net downhill, and even the potential for wet feet coming in the last tiny bit instead of the first.

Under typical conditions, the road is driveable in any vehicle, just note one potential water crossing within the first couple hundred meters off the highway on the east side. We've driven it in a Prius with zero issues.

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