Route: Vildmarksleden Uppvidinge

Submitted by Henrik Larm on Sun, 03/05/2023 - 12:15pm
37 km

The Wilderness Trail winds along paths and forest roads lined with pink-flowered twinflowers. It is 37 kilometers long and runs from Norrhult and Klavreström in the south to Lindshammar in the north. During the hike, you are offered a cross-section of Uppvidinge's nature types. Pine bogs are followed by forest lakes, old pastures where the crested tit sings, mossy areas for the capercaillie, and several nature reserves are passed, including Libbhults meadows with orchids, Getaryggarna's old-growth forest, Änghult's birch grove in Klavreström, and Kulla in Vetlanda municipality.


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