Route: W4 - Jebel Shams Southern Summit, Oman

Submitted by NonstopNik on Tue, 03/07/2023 - 10:28am
22.72 km
Vertical Gain
1,511 m

The rock that marks the starting point of Oman´s W4 Trail is just a few meters beyond the Sama Heights Resort.

Be aware that the trail itself is very very technical, often not clear to identify and requires more of a power hike on than a trail run on the way up for let´s say 80% of the distance due to many loose rocks and scramble parts. Few runnable sections.

Although it seems tempting to start in the dark  to avoid extreme temperatures, it would be too difficult to stay on track with a head lamp. 

I started at 6:17AM and already had decent visibility, yet two-three direction errors, and only suffered from the increasing heat on the way down.

My time to the summit: 2h20min (including few photo stops and the previously mentioned getting lost occasionally); two minutes breathtaking views on top, then trying to push it more in the downhill.

Nowhere to fill up your water. Be sure to bring enough. The heat is no joke after sunrise.

Enjoy one of Oman´s most scenic trails with spectacular views!

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