Route: Wachusett Mtn Loop (MA)

Massachusetts, US

This 7.5-mile loop hike makes a good exploration of Wachusett Mountain State Reservation. First hike up to the summit of Wachusett Mountain and then down to Balance Rock. Then climb again, circling not quite back to the peak, on the west and south side of the mountain. Then finally descend, passing Echo Lake near the end of the circuit. On a clear day, the summit of Wachusett offers views to the Boston skyline as well as to New Hampshire's Mount Monadnock and Franconia Ridge.

This loop trail touches upon many of the paths in Wachusett Mountain State Reservation's network and finishes up with a half-mile walk on Westminster Road. Part of the route follows the Midstate Trail which is marked with both yellow and blue triangular blazes. The other paths are blazed just with blue. The system is well marked with trail signs at the many junctions


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