Route: Waipo O Falls

Submitted by mikewardian on Thu, 08/31/2023 - 05:54pm
Hawaii, US
2.91 mi
Vertical Gain
902 ft

The “Waipo O Falls” trail is in Waimea on the west coast of Kauai. This is an extremely popular hike but haven’t seen many people run it. I decided to run it to check out the views of Waimea Canyon and check at the lush waterfall at the bottom. I was not expecting to dodge so many people on the trail, including a search and rescue training team with a person on a stretcher but it was a stunning run with wide open views of cliffs, the ocean and Waimea canyon. The trail was exposed and technical in areas but there is definitely room to improve the time as I didn’t have my trail shoes, I had to wait for people, it was hot and, of course, I snapped a few pictures. I highly recommend the route and hope someone can take the time even faster. I started at the sign, Hale Manu Valley-Cliff Trail/Canyon Trail, Waipo O Falls/Black Pipe Trail, and tagged the sign at the falls and ran back up. It is very straight forward but there are other trails so basically go straight and any time there is a turn stay straight. You got it. 

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