Route: Wedge Mountain (BC, Canada)

British Columbia, CA
20 km
Vertical Gain
2,300 m

Our route is from the main parking lot on Wedge Creek Forest Service Road to the summit and back, about 20 km.

Poster Jtarshis proposed a multisport adventure to approach and climb Wedge Mountain from the coast at Squamish:

On July 13th 2017 I rode my bike (cross bike) to Whistler via the Sea to Sky Trail for coffee and some food and then to the Wedgemount Lake Trail Head. I proceeded to walk up to the lake and then hang out for a little and shut my eyes in the hut. I was moving at 3:30am en rought to the summit. Was on top via the bypass (right) variation of the NE Arete route at 5:58a. I took the Normal NE Arete ridgeline to descend. I changed and re-packed and started the walk back down to the TH where my bike was stashed. 

I got on my bike and rode to Whistler where I caffinated and ate some much needed food then mounted up and rode 99 south to the Squamish section of the Sea to Sky Trail that I took down the Paradise Valley back into Squam and rode to the Adventure center where my trip began. 

30 hours - Adventure Center to Adventure Center. I think this time could be quickened quite easily but figured I'd post this because I couldn't find another trip report.

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