Route: Whiteface & Esther (NY)

New York, US
9.1 mi

Whiteface is a mighty mountain, (5th highest in NY, at 4638 ft.), and perhaps the most unique of the 46 high peaks in New York, because it is so accessible. It offers many ways to summit it’s crowded and overpopulated peak. There are two different routes to hike up, or you can simply drive your car up the Whiteface Memorial Highway, which snakes its’ way up the Northeastern slope. It is almost all by itself, a lonely peak separated by the rest of the 46 peaks, with a world-famous ski resort on its’ eastern side. But it does have just one next-door neighbor: Esther Mountain, (28th highest at 4240 ft.).

The route starts and ends at the trailhead at the weather observatory. Trailhead to Marble Mountain to Esther to Whiteface to trailhead.

GPS Track


I just got this FKT yesterday in 2:06:13 car to car. 5 out of the 9 miles were snowy. Lots of post holing through snow, especially near the top of whiteface. I’d like to come back and bring it down to about 1:50.