Route: Whiteface Massif Traverse (NY)

Submitted by Ben Nephew on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 08:50pm
New York, US
22.5 mi
Vertical Gain
8,225 ft

I'm not sure why this has not been posted before, and I have been meaning to do this route for about a decade.  Two of the burliest continuous climbs in the ADK, which includes a 1700' mile, open ridge running, amazing views, and some fast forest road running for contrast.  To maximize the vertical, I started up the poor man's downhill, connected to the Wilmington trail to the summit, then down and back on the Whiteface landing trail. The two sides of the mountain are incredibly different, with good traction and more worn trails on the east, where the west is wicked steep, tight, off camber, slick and dicey.  I turned at the parking lot to Connery Pond.  While I have 22.5 on my track, the route is probably about 24 miles, where 8k of the vert is in 17 miles.


The ADKs need another FKT like Marcy needs its own toll road.

Nobody has posted this route before because we already have a bunch of routes that are 10x better. It also hasn't been posted because there's no reason anyone would want to go out and back on this for any reason other than to "get another fkt". Ben, please stop putting up crummy FKT's up here. We have enough pointless routes to deal with already. Stop padding your fkt stats with this garbage.