Route: Womble Trail (AR)

Arkansas, US
78.1 mi

The Womble Trail is a 37-mile trail in the Ouchita National Forest in Arkansas. It runs parallel to, and eventually joins, the Ouachita Trail.

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My partner and I intend to double the Womble this coming weekend (1/18-19).

For what it's worth: from its start at North Fork lake to its confluence with the Ouachita Trail, the Womble is ~32 miles. The 37 mile length quote here (and seen frequently elsewhere) assumes ~5 miles of the Ouachita Trail to get you to/from the nearest road crossing (AR27). Our intention is to stick to just the Womble, so we'll start at the North Fork trailhead and turn around when we reach the Womble terminus at the OT.

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Here's our video from the Double Womble - If you are close by it is a great trail to hit.