Route: Yurrebilla Trail

Submitted by Nick Muxlow on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 02:53am
South Australia, AU
55.2 km
Vertical Gain
1,899 m

The Yurrebilla Trail is a spectacular 55.2km point-to-point trail in Adelaide, South Australia. It starts in Belair and finishes in Athlestone. If you like fast flowing trails as well as technical single tracks and a few river crossing you are in for a treat. With stunning views over the city you wind your way through the magnificent Adelaide Hills. Along the way expect to see Kangaroos, Koalas and Kookaburra's along with stunning waterfall views and native Australian bush.

Detailed Description

The trails starts in Belair with a fast flowing single track before you head through Echo tunnel. Out the other side of the tunnel you have a short rocky climb before some open trail takes you to Pony Ridge. Here you must descend down a sequence of switch backs where at the bottom you are greeted by a fast short road section. At the conclusion of this you climb back up a short steep hill and into a section of gorgeous single trail through Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. With in this section expect to be greated by sweeping views of the Adelaide City. After a short period through farmland you hit a road climb where which take you to the entrance Cleland Conservation Park. Here you have a steep technical descent to the Waterfall Gully Track which you climb continuing onto Bilba Track which continues the climb to Cleland Conservation Park. Here you enter the fast flowing Winter Track which snakes its way along to the bottom of Pimpala Track where you need to take a sharp right to enter the climb. Continue to follow the trail ill it enters into Horsenell Gully Conservation Park. Here you will be greeted by a steep technical descent followed by a sharp climb up to Giles Conservation Park. Follow the trail through to the one water stop (public tap) at Norton Summit. Shortly after Norton Summit you will enter Morialter Conservation Park. Highlight here include Third Falls, Second Falls and the main Morialter Falls, with the best views being from Eagles Nest lookout. Through here you will experience a fast technical descent, as well as a gorgeous flowing climb before it pinches up to 40-50% shortly after Deep View Look Out (be careful of the sharp turn up hill here). After the sharp climb it mellows and turns into a sustained rocky climb till you top out onto a fast fire trail. Continue to follow the trail till you reach the Moores Track/ Fox Hill Track descent down to Montacute Road. Follow this for a short period before entering Black Hill Conservation Park for the final sustained steep climb. After topping out there is a short stretch before the final technical descent down Ambers Gully to the finish.

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The overall fastest time on Yurrebilla has most likely been set during an official race. Claims for *supported* FKTs should beat the recorded times (see The fastest so far (October 2020) seems to be 4:22:51 by David Byrne on 15 October 2015.