Route: YYJ50

Submitted by JackBissell on Thu, 10/06/2022 - 10:49am
British Columbia, CA
333 km
Vertical Gain
10,333 m

The YYJ50 is an open course duathlon challenge to 50 summits around Victoria BC.

The GPS stats from my successful attempt on 10/1-2 2022 are: 207.2mi 33,899’ total. runs/hikes: 47.3mi, 17,933’ bike: 159.92mi, 15,906’ Per the FKT rules my time spent on foot amounted to over 50% of the total moving time (about 16.5h to 14.5h). I used a road bike with 28c tires and changed back and forth into running shoes 16 times.

On the way to these 50 peaks you find some of the best of Victoria BC which is (IMO) the incredible views 50 times over, its gemlike Regional and Provincial parks, awesome trails, world-class bike paths, some remoteness and gnar as well as some lovely neighborhoods that happen to have a little summit nearby, and countless side bonuses of lakes, streams, temperate rainforests, and rare Garry Oak meadows. A lot of the best road riding is represented on the route, plus a good number of the trailrunning must-see areas make it in as well. Capping it off is the nice weather with a trusty rainshadow providing a 12 month season and easily 300+ days/yr that one could do this route.

Hopefully one day we'll see a fast time (sub-24hr ?) for the YYJ50 by an athlete with the cycling and running prowess to throw down. I believe it can be done onsight by just showing up and following a route based on existing GPX files. Possibly it can be completed in a weekend from the airport or ferry in a quick smash and grab style — there are no permits or seasonal closures that I know of. It also could work with a carless plan by riding to a hotel/B&B or campsite, where the route could start out your door or tent since most of the greater Victoria area is within 5 minutes of somewhere on the route.

I believe the rules for completion should be: it’s an open course, going as close as legal/ethical/possible to these 50 summits (see spreadsheet with info), with a start/finish at the same point, and no drafting or motors.





Jack Bissell Multi-sport 1d 14h 18m 49s