Route: Zelena Glava (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Submitted by Jack Kuenzle on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 06:46pm
Bosnia & Herzegovina
16 km
Vertical Gain
1,550 m

At 2155 meters, Zelena Glava is the highest mountain in the Prenj massif. The ascent from Konjic Bijela is a classic route in Prenj and offers some of the most sustained climbing in Bosnia. For this route, there is some parking at the start and ample parking in an open area about one km before. Time starts at the sign post marking travel time to various points in the area, where the single track joins the dirt road. The entire trail is blazed with the classic, circular red and white blazes. The first 2 km of trail is a bit confusing and travels uphill through a stream bed. After that you begin abruptly climbing on switchbacks. Between the stream bed and the hut at Jezerce there are mines in the area, mined areas are sign posted and be sure to stay on the trail, which is very obvious. After a brief flat area before Jezerce, the trail climbs directly to the summit of Zelena Glava. The final 150 vertical meters to the summit of Zelena Glava requires some class three. Scramble to the summit, tag the flag, and descend back to the trailhead for your time. 

Water is scarce but is available at a spring 200 meters past Jezerce on the trail leading to the Vrutak hut. It's free to stay the night at Jezerce and there is room for 15 people, although you'll need a pad and sleeping bag. This is one of the more highly trafficked trails in Bosnia and it's hard to get lost/off trail.