Route: Zevenheuvelenroute Veluwezoom (Netherlands)

Submitted by tortocnt on Sun, 01/02/2022 - 10:13am
15 km
Vertical Gain
350 m

Veluwezoom is a great and diverse national park rising north of the Rhein/Waal river valley in the Netherlands. It was largely created following the ice retreat after the latest ice age and varies from deep woods to open heath landscapes with gorges and valleys, pastures, book, birch and pine forest. It is vastly used recreational area with loads of walking/hiking paths, MTB and other cycling trails, several children friendly places with animals, cafes, and easy access. In the park horses, highlanders and sheep roam freely.

Similar to the N70 trail by Nijmegen there is a hilly trail running path called Zevenheuvelenroute (translates to 7 hill route) of 15 km and ca. 350 meter of elevation. This is a nice challenge and takes you through a significant and varied section of Veluwezoom. Enjoy!



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