Route: Zielony Szlak Puszczy Kampinoskiej (Południowy - Leśny, Poland)

Submitted by matys on Sun, 07/05/2020 - 08:57am
52.9 km
Vertical Gain
240 m

Kampinoski Southern Forest Trail (green).
Running from the borders of Warsaw (Dziekanów Leśny) to the birth house of Fryderyk Chopin in Żelazowa Wola. The trail runs through deciduous swamp forests, lofty dunes with old pine forests, numerous and magnificent trees-monuments of nature and history, strict protection areas, backwoods of wild forest animals and agricultural areas around Żelazowa Wola, meadows on peat bogs thanks to reserve protection.
Undoubtedly nicer than the main trail of Kampinos Forest (Red) and also slightly shorter (about 53km). Especially the western part of the route (from Roztoka to Lasocin) is extremely charming. Narrow paths, lily of the valley, ferns and blueberries create a unique atmosphere.
The trail can be covered in summer and winter. Suitable for hiking, running, bicycles (cross, MTB), in winter for skiing.At the end - in Żelazowa Wola, you can also visit the large park with the birth house, museum and many souvenirs from the life of Fryderyk Chopin.

The route from the east to the west runs through:

-Dziekanów Leśny
-uroczysko Szczukówek
-uroczysko Na Miny
-Stary Dąb w Posadzie Sieraków
-Pociecha, Krzyż Jerzyków
-Ćwikowa Góra
-Mogiła Powstańców 1863 r.
-Zaborów Leśny
-Wyględy Górne - uroczysko Kalisko
-Ławska Góra
-Wierszowska Droga pod Dębową Górą
-Babska Górka
-Sosna Powstańców 1863 r.
-Rezerwat "Granica"
-Granica, ośrodek dydaktyczno-muzealny KPN
-Dąb Powstańców 1863 r. koło Bielin
-Izabelin Leśny
-Borowa Góra koło Lasocina
-wieś Pindal, granica KPN
-Żelazowa Wola, muzeum Chopina