Route: Watership Down Trail (United Kingdom)

Submitted by simonfi1 on Thu, 08/06/2020 - 01:54pm
United Kingdom
38.9 mi
Vertical Gain
2,655 ft

Here is a nice comprehensive description taken from the Alltrails website:

"A walking trail through the setting of Richard Adams' famous novel, Watership Down. Begin in Newbury, and follow the book through Newtown Common, Ecchinswell, Overton and Whitchurch. You'll see Sandleford Warren, the Enborne River, Nuthanger Farm, Watership Down, Efrafa, the Railway Arch, and the grave of Richard Adams himself."

The route is easily accessible from Newbury station (I started outside and finished the Royal Oak Pub). 75% of the course is on farmers paths and nature trails, with other sections sharing quiet roads. Spotted wild deer, cows, hares, birds of prey on route- very peaceful and picturesque. An outdoor tap can be found at the Whitchurch Cemetery for water top-ups.


Hello Simon, great idea for a route. I bet the countryside is lovely. Did you complete the 38.9 miles out and back, or one way? 

Hi Mike. Sorry for the late reply- I'm still working out how to use the website!

Give it a go! I had a great day out. If you were to go in one direction, I would recommend Eccinshaw back to Newbury, as it has some good climbs and some satisfying downhills.

Sorry Whitchurch to Newbury.