FKT: Gabe Joyes - Wind River High Route (WY) - 2020-09-05

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***First part not for trip repot, but for explanation of verification***


My watch battery did not last the whole trip, but you can see on Strava that I started at 4:23am on 9/3. The first photo I uploaded is from the finish and is time stamped with 3:30am on 9/5 and geotagged at Bruce's Parking area in Sinks Canyon. My Garmin Explore verification link ends at 3:34am on 9/5, but that's just because it took me a few minutes to turn the device off. Thanks for understanding!

Trip Report:

Without a doubt the most scenic, beautiful, rugged, and difficult route that I have every attempted. I was fortunate to sneak this in between the first two snowstorms of the season, and generally had excellent conditions, other than my second full day being well above average temperatures—which felt plain hot. There is plentiful water along the route and I was able to pull water from streams and lakes and only used a single 17 oz. filtered soft flask the entire time. I tried to approach this effort as a run as much as possible, but of course there was plenty of rock hopping and scrambling. I finished the entire route with no sleep, which absolutely pushed me to my limits by the end.



Re Verification- my buddy and I were hiking down from Wind River Peak on 9-4 at around 6:15 PM on Skurkas High Route.  We ran into Gabe as he was starting up the approach to the West Gully of Wind River Peak. We met him as he was filtering water from the source of Black Joe Creek below lake 11185.

He looked strong 36 hours in! Great job Gabe!

Hey Gabe, I'm interested to read your trip report but can't get that link to work, do you have an updated link?