Route: Death Valley Descent: Dante's View to Badwater Basin (CA)

Submitted by blmadsen on Sun, 02/28/2021 - 01:57pm
California, US
41 mi
Vertical Gain
328 ft

This is an exhilarating run that descends from Dante's View to the edge of Badwater Basin at the bottom of Death Valley (Badwater).   It's primarily downhill so have your quads conditioned for it.    It is sensational to experience the mountain terrain during the first part of the run, and end near the lowest point on the continent in a location that feels like you are on another planet.  The end of the run is near the location that recorded the hottest temperature on earth.   The route ends at the Badwater marker, indicating the lowest location on the Continent.

Note that it is possible, but very much not recommended, to take a more direct, off-trail line from Dantes View to Badwater, as per the Death Valley Rim-to-Rim route.  This cuts the distance from about 40 miles to around 4, but you will contend with treacherous conditions (extremely steep gravel an tricky navigation.  For this route, take the road.

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Why does this not finish at the actual Badwater Basin?

Where the distinct and iconic sign is? 

Curious as to the rationale for ending off the random pull off instead of the iconic location? 


Where is the marker?

Changed the route to the more logical end point (adding about 9 miles...)

This is where the Badwater Basin sign is located.

The start should be at the relief sculpture marker at Dante’s View (a beautiful and unmistakable bronze topographical relief sculpture depicting what you will run down) and finish at the iconic Badwater sign.