Route: Verdugo Mountains Traverse (CA)

California, US
24 mi
Vertical Gain
4,560 ft

The Verdugos are a small mountain range (with big views) located on the northeast end of the San Fernando Valley, separated from the larger San Gabriel Mountains by Tujunga Valley. Verdugo Peak is the highest point in the range at 3,126 feet. Trailheads at the base of the Verdugo Mountains in the cities of Burbank and Glenadale (and other points around the mountain range) offer convenient starting points for rewarding and challenging suburban hikes. Trails in the Verdugo Mountains are usually free, open to mountain bikers and leashed dogs.

The Traverse starts in Sun Valley, CA, it run the whole length of the Verdugo's all the way down to Sunshine Dr in Glendale. The Single Traverse has a Strava segment.  The Double Traverse, which returns the same way, and is about 24.6 miles with about 4900' of elevation gain (according to, also has a Strava segment.

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Thank you Andrea for adding this route. I will give the Double Traverse a shot tomorrow for the mens. We need more FKTs in the Los Angeles area with all the beautiful mountains around here. I am planning to submit at least 2 new routes in 2019 for the area. Great inspiration!

Sorry I should have written Leslie and Elizabeth. For some reason I did not see the older FKT when I wrote this comment.

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Congrats Georgis and Matthew! Glad to see you got that one too.