Route: Ice Age Trail (WI)

Wisconsin, US
823.3 mi

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail winds for over 1000 miles though rural Wisconsin, from St. Croix to Potowatomi Park at Sturgeon Bay. The Ice Age Trail Alliance "protects, promotes, builds and maintains the Ice Age Trail", in cooperation with the Wisconsin Deptartment of Natural Resources, the National Park Service, and local governments and private landowners.

The Ice Age Trail is under development and consists of trail sections and some roads.  The Ice Age Trail Alliance recognizes those who have walked all of the trail sections AND the road connections for the full length of the trail.  While there are suggested routes on the interactive hiker map, the road connections are non-specific.  In the Ice Age Trail Databook, page xi of the introduction clarifies the issue of connecting routes: “ Connecting routes are not technically considered to be Ice Age Trail; they are suggested routes to connect Ice Age Trail segments. Long-distance hikers may choose other routes that connect Ice Age Trail segments.”

Admin note: This trail is still evolving and our gpx files will need regular updates. Feel free to send in updated gpx files. We are still in need of a gpx file for the Eastern Bifurcation. The gpx files on our map show the Western Bifurcation (taken from Coree Woltering's FKT). This is a link to a pdf that discusses the interesting history behind the Bifurcations.



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The weather is good, crew all made it here. I will be going after the supported Ice Age Trail FKT starting in the morning. Will be posting updates from and Instagram. Here we go. Starting in St Croix Falls at 7am central time (June 1).

Starting Sat morning Sept 19th I'll be starting a self supported fkt attempt on the ice age trail. Updates when possible @billbettsyourassitis on instagram. 

I will be attempting the trail, starting October 23rd 2022 beginning in St. Croix Falls. I will be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram. 

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I will be starting my Self-supported FKT attempt on Monday May 9th 2022. I will be posting updates on my Instagram @TheDosuKinuta and my YouTube. Looking forward to eating lots of cheese and drinking Spotted Cow. Big thanks to La Sportiva, Zpacks, Thru-Pack, and Glacier Gear.

Wow, what an amazing trail, community, and experience. Competing my 16,000th thru-hiking mile, Finishing my 9th of 11 National Scenic Trails, and setting the Self-supported FKT all in one day. Happy to see that my hike has already inspired some to beat it already, receiving DMs on my social with congratulations and asking for advice. Another big thank you to the Ice Age Trail Alliance and the Volunteers for everything they do! Thanks as always to my fam at La Sportiva, Zpacks, Glacial Gear, and Thru-pack.

Just a few minutes till starting my self supported FKT attempt on Tuesday August 30th, 2022. Thank you Dosu Kinuta for all the information and tips you have generously shared. Let’s do this!

- Wild Turkey

Updates on Instagram @wildturkeytrotsthru. Tracking using Garmin Connect

In just a little bit, I will be attempting the supported FKT on Saturday, June 23, 2023. Thank you Coree and Wild_Turkey for all your tips and guidance. I will be raising money along the way - in honor of a friend gone too soon - for Pancreatic Cancer & The Ice Age Trail Alliance. We will be posting updates on Facebook-Sarah’s Crusade for Corey & Instagram @runningwmud9.   

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I plan on attempting to break the Self Supported FKT starting on July 4th.  Will be updating through Instagram @chickenfathikes and on Strava at

Fingers crossed but if I don't get it, its only because Wild Turked laid down such a fast time

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I’ll be starting my self supported hike of the IAT today beginning at the Western Terminus and making my way to the Eastern. If I’m able to stay on pace after the first few days, I’ll try for the whole fkt.