Route: PATH NY/NJ - all stations (NY, NJ)

New Jersey, US
New York, US

Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) is a rapid transit system connecting the cities of Newark, Harrison, Hoboken, and Jersey City, in metropolitan northern New Jersey, with the lower and midtown sections of Manhattan in New York City. The system contains 13 stations and has a total route length of 13.8 miles (22.2 km), not double-counting route overlaps.  This urban commute/adventure tags all of the station stops in the PATH system in both NJ and NY. For this route you must run to each of the 13 stations within the system (in any order) - Newark Penn Station, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street, Hoboken, Newport, Exchange Place, World Trade Center, Christopher Street, 9th St, 14th St, 23rd St, and 33rd St. The route should include a trip on the PATH to get across the Hudson River. You can take the train from/to whichever station you like, depending on your route choice or direction. The train time is included in the total time, so plan/check the timetables carefully. For documentation at each station it is not necessary go all the way into the station/platform. You should take a photo at street level from the base or top of one of the stairs/escalators leading to the platform.

GPS Track


I was thinking about doing a small recon trip this week, and giving it a shot next week.  But the weather looks good so I may just go for it this Friday.  Still pondering route options.

I completed this route this morning - the total time was 1:51:04, which includes 1:26:17 of running time and 24:48 of transit time between NJ and NY. 

I lowered the time on this route today to 1:43:46.  Time was gained by making a better train connection.