Route: Penn Station to Penn Station (NY, NJ)

New York, US
New Jersey, US

Brendan Pytka submitted this clever route:

However you want to run between the two stations!  Here is one possible route: Start at Penn Station in New York City and run north to and across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey; run south and west to the US 1 / US 9 bridge from Jersey City across Kearny Point to Raymond Boulevard in Newark; run along Raymond Boulevard on the Newark waterfront to Penn Station Newark. If you stick to the waterfront, the distance is over 30 miles, but an inland route could be under.

This course offers amazing views of Manhattan, New Jersey’s Gold Coast and Port Newark. Much of it is along scenic riverside pathways, including part of the East Coast Greenway, although a few sections turn inland onto busy roads with less than ideal pedestrian infrastructure.

Let’s get more people out there using these paths and raising awareness of the long distance possibilities in the New York City area!