Route: Sebago to the Sea Trail (ME)

Submitted by bannondj8 on Sun, 03/27/2022 - 04:29pm
Maine, US
30.2 mi
Vertical Gain
980 ft

The Sebago to the Sea Trail is a 30+ mile trail system. More information and maps at:

The trail starts at Sebago Lake in Standish (start touching the water), and crosses through Gorham, Windham, and Westbrook, before reaching Portland and finishing at Casco Bay (finish touching the water). The route includes varied terrain from dirt trails to paved paths to city streets.  The FKT route is the entire trail system including the Downtown Westbrook Connector Loop in counterclockwise direction. The route is net downhill which should make for some fast times.

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We (Jen Legier, Mindy Littlefield, Kim Fischer, and I) intend to run the Sebago to the Sea Route utilizing the Unsupported Group format.

We will start from the Western Terminus of Sebago Lake and finish at the Eastern Terminus at East End Beach, Portland (Casco Bay) on June 11, 2022.

We will be leaving at approximately 6 am and hope to put up a respectable time on the board for this beautiful trail.  Special thank you goes out to Daniel Bannon who submitted this route for FKT approval earlier this year.  -  Greg Legier

Posting in addition to my trip report to express gratitude for those who established this route and started recording times. Literally inspiring stuff. 

Would love to see more people 'join the club' and if you need advice or support, I'm here for it. Lay down a comment or I'm easy enough to find on Instagram or Strava. 

As for me, I plan on making this an annual thing for as long as I reside in the area. Until next September... cheers!

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Sebago to the Sea | Run | Strava I believe Joe Reynolds has the unofficial record as of November 2022 - elapsed time 04:02:45 (moving time 03:22:27). 

As Jacob also says this attempt skips a section at Westbrook and would not qualify, but very good run anyway. /Torben

Note Joe Reynolds' route linked above skipped the Westbrook Connector which is required as part of the FKT route in the description and GPS track.