FKT: Stone Boshears - Pinnacle Mountain (AR) - 2021-09-02

Route variation
W Summit, up & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
20m 37s

Pinnacle Mtn. West Summit Trail up and back following the Strava segment. Total elapsed time 20 min and 37 sec. Setting the first FKT in hopes of creating some fun competition among Little Rock runners!


I would recommend we standardize the start and the turnaround on this short route. Not sure what the FKT holder did. Maybe he can comment. Perhaps, start/finish on the mountain side of the covered foot bridge. There is a post at the top of the mountain that you ought to touch before you turn. I would also suggest a witness at the post to take a photo. I don’t really think anyone is out to cheat but it is fun to make these things formal.   

I will go for this over this weekend - I am starting at the bridge and touching the post - will trying to have someone out but can't guarantee a pic