FKT: Gordon Clark - Cerro del Mono / Monkey Mountain (Mexico) - 2023-05-20

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up & down
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1h 58m 16s
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Tough going. Went after it w/o GPX and cell service was nil. Plan was to give it a little preview, then start up again at effort. Those dogs are the real deal, actually encountered another set of dogs about 1.5 miles on ascent. One bull on the road. Lots of stops, going off trail, needed to be redirected by a couple of kind locals (one dirt bike). Should be an easy one to pick off from me, but I plan to give it another go possibly next yr. Wanted to give Kilgore a run for his money on the climb, but only took a soft flask and a small bottle @ base of effort. Spent so much energy dodging doggos, sun started hitting, humidity up around 90%, scratched it. 

So this is more or less a first "moon walk" effort, could be easy pickings for someone who plans better. Lesson downloaded on the day, narrowly escaped dehydration on my 12km road run back to the resort I was staying at. 

Views are something else though. Will upload a few videos later. 


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GEAR: Soft flask, Naked Belt, CielePYN cap came in clutch, protecting the neck when the sun finally peeked out, and of course the new Merrell SkyFire 2 's underfoot. Felt secure, grippy lugs, wish I could've opened up more, the things weighing in under 7 ounces. Oh well, next time.