Route: Cerro del Mono / Monkey Mountain (Mexico)

Submitted by David Kilgore on Wed, 01/20/2021 - 01:52pm
7 km
Vertical Gain
410 m

A small mountain south of Sayulita.  Start of the main road and drop down into the ditch and go to the left.  You pass by a roster farm and then get on to an old country road.  Bulls might be out on the road, but you are able to run by but definitely do so with caution.  When you will come to a dead-end at a property, take the left through the gate, embark up a steep hill, but keep your eyes to the right for the trail sign.  You will follow the trail sign along the perimeter of the property, there are german shepherds barking loudly (Kind of spooky), but they won't harm you.  Then follow the dirt road up until you hit the single track into the rain forest all the way to the top for some spectacular views.

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