Route: Oneonta Gorge Falls Loop (OR)

Submitted by Abran Moore on Tue, 08/09/2022 - 12:00pm
Oregon, US
14 mi
Vertical Gain
3,240 ft

A quick(loop) tour of 2 gorges,6 Significant Water falls in ~ 14 miles


Clockwise from Horsetail Falls Trailhead:

Horsetail Falls Trail head to Gorge 400/Horsetail Falls Trail 438 intersect (~Mile .25)

Turn right and follow Horsetail Falls Trail 438 passing Ponytail Falls and crossing the bridge over Lower Oneonta Falls (~Mile 1.2)

Left at Oneonta Trail 424 and follow passing Triple Falls and crossing two bridges (~ mile 3)

Stay Right on 424 to Franklin Ridge and continue to Franklin Ridge Trail 427 Intersection (~Mile 5.4)

Turn Right on Franklin Ridge Trail 427 heading down Franklin Ridge

Continue on Franklin Ridge Trail 427 until intersection of Larch Mountain trail 441 (~Mile 7.6)

Turn Right on Larch Mountain Trail 441

Follow Larch Mountain Trail passing Wiesendanger Falls and Multnomah Falls(a few paved switchbacks) to Gorge 400 trail (~Mile 10)

Continue on Gorge 400 to the Intersection of Oneonta 424 (~Mile 11.7)

Stay Right at fork and Up Oneonta 424 Trail to Horsetail Falls Trail 438 (~Mile 12.8)

Left on Horsetail Falls Trail 438 (you were here earlier) and follow back to Horsetail Falls trail head (~14)


**Franklin Ridge and Gorge 400 can be overgrown**

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