Route: Yonah Mountain (GA)

Georgia, US
7.25 km
Vertical Gain
450 m

A popular short hill climb, 4.5 miles TH-to-TH, with 1600' of elevation gain.  The round trip has a Strava segment.

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I have begun an attempt to exceed the current most unsupported laps in 1 year. I am tracking my progress via Google Sheets that includes a link to each Strava route record and will post updates as I complete each route completion. I intend to follow the same path up and down each attempt. This attempt will end on or before 04.Aug.2021.…



Correction/update: I posted my intent to break the record on August 5, 2020. My first hike was on August 4, 2020 so the attempt will end on August 3, 2021. The Google docs sheet reflects these dates.

The trail is being surfaced with gravel and stone dust above the Army Ranger bivvy area. So far the resurfacing extends to the 2nd sharp turn. The bolders at the turns are being completely covered or removed. I do not know how far toward the summit this project will extend but it definitely changes the character of the trail's upper section.

I spoke to the road crew today. The trail resurfacing will extend from the Army bivvy to the peak. The road resurfacing allows emergency vehicles to drive to the peak. This change should decrease round trip times since the path is no longer full of ankle twisting rocks.

From 1/11/2021 to 1/10/2022, I will be attempting to exceed 125 laps. All laps will be posted on Strava.  

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I plan to establish a female supported record for most laps in 24 hours starting this Saturday (March 16 2024). I have been wanting to attempt this for a while, although the choice of date is a little spur-of the-moment. This ended up being a good day to go for it!

I have a seven month old baby and will be nursing/pumping between laps. I'm excited to see how everything works out!

I completed seven laps of Mt Yonah yesterday  (March 16, 2024). I will be submitting the form and trip report for verification soon.