Athlete: Laura Matacia



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Looking Glass Ascent Standard route Unsupported 38m 36s
Looking Glass Ascent Round Trip (out and back) Unsupported 1h 9m 15s
Clingman's Dome, Appalachian Trail (NC, TN) up & down Unsupported 3h 18m 47s
Clingman's Dome, Appalachian Trail (NC, TN) ascent Unsupported 1h 37m 6s
Shining Rock Wilderness Ridge (NC) out & back Unsupported 4h 51m 36s
Crowders Mtn (NC) Crowders & Pinnacle, TH-to-TH Unsupported 1h 41m 14s
Through John's Looking Glass Standard route Unsupported 2h 39m 29s
Mt Rogers (VA) ascent from Massie Gap Unsupported 48m 39s
Black Mountain Crest Trail (NC) ascent Unsupported 3h 7m 18s
Pinchin-Linville River-Conley Cove-Rock Jock Loop (NC) Standard route Unsupported 3h 7m 0s
Wildcat Rock Trail Standard route Unsupported 1h 55m 1s
Great Smoky Mountains Peak Loop (NC, TN) Standard route Unsupported 6h 22m 55s
Mt Pisgah (NC) ascent Unsupported 15m 35s
Mt Pisgah (NC) up & back Unsupported 27m 39s
Chattooga River Trail to Fork Mountain to Foothills Trail Loop Standard route Unsupported 4h 2m 39s
Cincinnati Nature Center Perimeter (OH) Standard route Unsupported 1h 34m 18s
Standing Indian Loop (NC) Standard loop Unsupported 4h 54m 49s
Caesar Creek Lake - West Loop (OH) Standard route Unsupported 1h 53m 59s
Table Rock Mtn (SC) Red Trail ascent Unsupported 46m 35s