FKT: Andrew Garber - Mt Whitney (CA) - 2020-08-01

Route variation
Whitney Trail double
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Total time
16h 53m 31s
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Aug 1st at 3:06am I started my 1st summit of Mt.whitney starting at the Whitney Portal Store. The 1st accent took around 4 1/2 hours. Nutrition wise I felt fine. Consumed calories (gels, carb drink mixture every 30min). Definitely felt the elevation at the top, but once down, I felt great again. Headed back down. Ate crap a couple of time when using trek poles haha once I got back down, I headed back to my van to refuel. Spent a good 20 to 45 min refilling my bottles and blaster. Also consumed a good amount of food. Changed socks and head back to the Whitney Portal Store. Then started my 2nd accent. This is where the sun definitely played more of a factor since the 1st summit was in the dark. Brought down my pace a bit. Once I got to the switchbacks, I definitely felt the elevation. I wanted to push harder mentally but my body (lungs) weren’t having it. When I reached the top, I ran out of water. So when I came back down I found a melting snow spot. Wiped off the 1st dirt layer and filled my bottles. I also threw snow all around my body to cool down. Once the snow started melting and I got more fluid in me, my pace back down the mountain picked up. I finished the route at the Whitney Portal Store. Definitely an adventure I will never forget. Had a bunch of people say “are you loko?!” Nope just love the mountain that much. :)