FKT: Andy Reagan - Circum Quabbin (MA) - 2020-12-31

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Standard Loop
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8h 49m 15s

Started at 8:14AM, pretty cold and windy day but good weather for me, it turns out. My first attempt at this kind of distance.

Started in Pelham at the gate off 202, then ran to 202 and took a more road-centric route than the previous FKT, mostly because I thought I could finish it that way and not to ruin the more trail-centric time :/. No real issues to report, some rain and the trails were wet from rain overnight (had to carefully walk through swampy sections). Navigation from a Garmin Fenix 5 watch was brilliant, first time using it. It did freeze up about 3 hours in, I had to turn off livetrack mode and that seemed to help (see the video where I freak out when it stops working...ha).

Starting where I did was good, if just luck (it's 2mi from my house): it split the non-water accessible portion on the West side, when you're on 202 (too many houses, roads to trust streams on 202). The south side was also dry for me. Filled from many pristine streams along the north/east/southeast sides, had 30oz capacity. Started with scratch mix, used nuun tablets with caffiene after the first water fill (just water for the second 30oz). Lots of food that I brought, actually way too much...but I didn't know what to expect.

Ducked back to 202 to finish because it was getting dark, and per the FKT guidelines I needed to obey the DCR rules and stay off the grounds after sunset.

This route could almost certainly be run much much faster!