FKT: Andy Riddle - St John Crossing (Virgin Islands) - 2020-02-07

Gender category
Route variation
out & back
Finish date
Total time
1h 23m 15s
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Started out on the beach in Maho Bay with my hand touching the ocean. Ran about 0.1 miles up the road to the trailhead for Maria Hope, began the steep climb gaining over 750ft of elevation in the 0.8 miles up to Centerline road. Crossed the road and ran down the Reef Bay trail. Be careful towards the bottom of Reef Bay that you don’t step on any hermit crabs crawling on the trail! Got a nice quick pop up rain shower to cool me off on my descent too! Ran past the old sugar mill ruins and right towards the ocean and went down on the beach and touched the water. This was almost exactly 3 miles from where I started. On the return trip I had to go extra slow down Maria Hope as it is very steep and rocky and with the rain the rocks were very slippery. Finished with my hand back in the ocean at Maho Bay.