FKT: Andy Riddle - Twin Valley Trail (OH) - 2019-11-17

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4h 29m 49s
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Set out with a goal of sub 4:30 on the Twin Valley Trail. My previous personal best on this trail was 5:15 done in June 2018. I train often on these trails so I know the route very well even though I've only done the whole thing once before today. I started out at Kercher Park on the connector trail between Twin Creek and Germantown Metroparks. This is probably the best place to start as it is at almost exactly the halfway point. Started out going north towards Germantown Metropark on the connector trail. Once I got to Germantown Metropark I went clockwise around the park to get the most brutal of all the hills on the route done in the first 6ish miles. My plan was to run the first 13ish miles up and around Germantown in 2:10, I did it in 2:07 and had a 3 minute pit stop at my car where I chugged some Pedialyte, ate some pickles, refilled my pack's bladder with water, loaded my pack back up with Clif Bloks, and grabbed a Smuckers strawberry uncrustable to go. I then set out south towards Twin Creek Metropark on the connector trail. Once I got to Twin Creek I went counter clockwise to hit all the major hills as soon as possible. My original plan was to run the 13ish miles down and around Twin Creek in 2:20, and I somehow managed to hit that target. Finished in 4:29:49, barely slipping in sub 4:30. There were a few muddy and slippery sections due to the snow melt from the big snowfall five days ago, but for the most part the trails were in fantastic shape. For people attempting this trail in the future, I would definitely recommend starting at Kercher Park, and the trail is very well marked, just follow the backpacker icon on the posts at all trail intersections.