FKT: Andy Wacker - High Lonesome Loop (CO) - 2020-07-24

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1h 51m 12s
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So, I went for this FKT on Wednesday, but ended up taking a wrong turn (and struggling in a waterfall for the better part of 10 minutes). I still ran the third fastest time, but knew I needed to be back! So, I woke up at 4am this morning. Carpooled with my roommate, Nicole Mericle to the trailhead. Started just before 6am (to avoid other hikers, respect social distancing as best as possible) Weather was wetter and warmer than 48 hours ago. Dew on the ground, cloudy, slight mist rain at 4-6 miles. I decided to go light. Took a honey stinger gel before, but didn't bring anything. The climb went fine, but I really pushed on the divide (as seen in a 6:14 mile at nearly 12,000ft), and had a better descent (now I know the turns :) Ended up hitting a few sub 6 miles. Stopped watch once I was back on the starting bridge. What's next?