FKT: Ashly Winchester - Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) - 2020-03-26

Route variation
any route, car-to-car
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 56m 40s
GPS track(s)

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This route turned out to be way more difficult than I anticipated, but it's so incredibly fun if you like scrambling!

I set off at a super easy pace and cruised out towards the canyon from the trailhead. I took the opportunity to drop down into the creek bed early on and started making my way up canyon.

The boulder hopping and scrambling in the canyons in Red Rock is so much fun. I came across a couple of waterfalls and emerald colored pools early on. The water was flowing well because it had rained just a few days ago. I couldn't help but stop and take lots of photos :)

My quads started cramping about halfway up the canyon. Between that and the photo taking, my pace slowed a bit.
I kept following the creek bed. I scrambled over boulders, walked up slabby waterfalls, and bushwhacked until I got to a point where it looked like I could climb up to the ridge. I followed a gully that was made out of beautiful red and white rock. It looked as though it had been painted and I couldn't help but feel as though I was walking on art.

Eventually, I came across what appeared to be a trail and followed that for a while, then when that disappeared I followed the cairns. The route meanders from the left side of the ridge to the right then back again, eventually leading to a false summit and the class 3/4 downclimb.

I had been wondering what this short section would bring, and it did not disappoint. The rock is lovely and solid. There are multiple ways to find your way down (and back up again) that can be quite spicy, but I decided to follow the path of least resistance. I took a lot of time on this section and I got a little gripped through portions of the climb down.

I followed the cairns again, which led me off track, and then found my way to the summit! I spent about 2 minutes on the summit then turned around and headed back the way I came. The climb up the class 3/4 section went smoothly, as did the rest of the descent.

This one put me way outside my comfort zone when it comes to scrambling, especially being solo. But I'm so glad I did it. This can go way faster, especially if you're familiar with the route. I would absolutely do this again!